Drew McIntyre Admits He Was “Very Upset” With WWE’s Creative Decision To Lose At Clash At The Castle

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Drew McIntyre discussed his loss to reigning WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns at the 2022 Clash at the Castle PLE in an interview with Gorilla Position.

“I was very very upset, I was frustrated. I understand the bigger picture with Roman and where the company’s going, where he’s going, how necessary it is. Personally believed there was maybe another way to figure out how we can protect what’s going on with him, but also elevate McIntyre to where we need him to be for the company. We didn’t do it that night, and I thought we could have maybe should have.”

“[Triple H] always talks about the bigger picture, the long game. If I’d won that night, the story wouldn’t be the same obviously as it is right now. It’s interesting. As frustrated as you might be at the time, if you take the time and you go through the emotions, and you have those emotions stored in mind when you get presented with an opportunity of we can tell this really interesting story now, that is such an important part of it. If it went the way I felt like it should have on the night, we wouldn’t be where we are right now. So wrestling’s a funny old thing. The good thing is it’s 52 weeks a year. You’re only as good as your last match, your latest storyline.”

You can check out the interview below: