Drew McIntyre “Quits” WWE On RAW

(Photo Credit: WWE)

After “quitting” WWE during an in-ring segment on Monday Night Raw, Drew McIntyre deleted his social media accounts.

For those who missed it, McIntyre went out into the ring to speak. He didn’t say much while the fans chanted CM Punk’s name, but he did say that he was done with the company before saying “I quit.”

Obviously, this all plays into Punk’s storyline, and since Punk isn’t expected to wrestle again until SummerSlam, they can take a break from the storyline until it’s time to build up to their match. Also, McIntyre’s wife has been hospitalized, so this could be a way for him to take some time off.

McIntyre has deleted both his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Before he left the building, Triple H and Adam Pearce attempted to reason with him, but it appears they were unsuccessful. Punk is set to appear on SmackDown this Friday in Chicago. More from Raw: Uncle Howdy appears and takes out the WWE roster.