Ethan Page Addresses His WWE NXT Championship Win At Heatwave

(Photo Credit: WWE)

As previously reported, the main event of Sunday night’s WWE NXT Heatwave PLE saw “All Ego” Ethan Page defeat Shawn Spears, “The Young OG” Je’Von Evans and Trick Williams to become the brand-new WWE NXT Champion.

Page appeared in a digital exclusive shortly after the PLE and discussed several topics, including becoming the WWE NXT Champion just six weeks after joining the brand.

Page said, “Well, most people would say it feels amazing, it feels great.” “But to be honest with you, I mean, I knew this was gonna happen. [Laughs] Six weeks. I walked in the first night, and I attacked who? Oh, that’s right, this bum’s name is still in this belt, and as soon I’m done with this interview, I’m gonna be getting these things changed. That’s right, I attacked Trick Williams. My first attempt didn’t really play in my favor. I clearly learned from my lesson since I’m a wily veteran of the game, and it took me 17 years to get to the WWE Universe and only six weeks to become champion. Now I’m the face of NXT. That’s what everyone’s saying, right?”

On whether or not he got lucky in the final moments of the match when he fell on top of Je’Von Evans for the pin:

“You’re gonna say I got lucky? I earned everything I have in the last 17 years of my career.” “Tonight is no different. This championship is earned, and I’m gonna prove it. I’m going to be a fighting champion. I’m going to be the man in NXT, but not to prove it to you, people doubting me, saying things like, ‘Oh, you got lucky.’ No, ‘All Ego’ was born to be champion. Now, I finally have the hardware to prove it.”

You can check out Page’s comments in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)