Former WWE Manager Claims Women Had “Tears In Their Eyes” After Leaving Vince McMahon’s Room

Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell, aka Zeb Colter, spoke on’s SmackTalk podcast about the sex trafficking allegations against Vince McMahon.

“The only sad thing about it is that everybody knew it. Everybody. It was common knowledge when I was in WWE what was going on. The girls told me what was going on. It started, of course, with Rita Chatterton, was her name, and that was before it was so well known.”

“He’d pull them in a room and close the door. Of course, he did that with everybody, the guys too (…) He would get them [women] in there and I guess the term is groom them, I guess. He would get them ready for what might be possibly coming their way, and they would leave the room with tears in their eyes. Some of them, not all of them. He would upset them that badly. Of course, they were told to keep it quiet. I’d even ask about it. I said, ‘Are you okay?’ They went, ‘Yeah, I’m okay,’ and they’d have tears in their eyes. ‘What happened?’ ‘I don’t wanna talk about it.’ We’ll leave it like that, but I think whatever he did upset them to such a degree that they would come out of the room with tears in their eyes. You can use your imagination on that, I don’t know what happened, but some of those girls cooperated, I guess.”

You can check out the podcast below: