Former WWE Star Hopes For Criminal Charges If Vince McMahon’s Allegations Are “Even Remotely True”

While speaking with Bryan Alvarez on, former WWE star Lance Storm commented on the news that Vince McMahon was accused of sex trafficking by a former WWE employee.

Storm said, “I was one of the few that said he needed to be gone when the story first broke, and I was outspoken against him being allowed back into the office, being allowed back at shows when he when he came back. When he came back, I stopped watching the product and only started seeing some of the shows out of necessity.”

“That’s classic sexual predator stuff [what Vince has been accused of]. Find someone down on their luck and start grooming them and bending them to your will. Not only should he be booted off the board, take his keys to the office away, bar him from going to shows, and I think there needs to be a legitimate cleaning house of anyone who covered anything up, who knew about this. This is absolutely disgustingly horrible. He needs be gone and done. I hope there’s criminal charges brought if any of this is even remotely true.”