Former WWE Star Reacts To Speculation Surrounding Shane McMahon And AEW

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Shane McMahon’s potential involvement with AEW has recently sparked internet speculation.

During the Grilling JR podcast, Conrad Thompson told Jim Ross the following about the idea of Shane in AEW:

“There was a friend of ours, I shouldn’t say their name, but he went out of his way to text me and say, ‘Hey, that’s not as crazy as you think. I know for sure that Shane McMahon has reached out to wrestlers on the AEW roster to at least hypothetically discuss the idea.’”

While speaking on his podcast, former WWE and AEW star Matt Hardy was asked if he could see Shane in AEW:

“He’s not. I heard from someone… none of that was true. It’s Matt Fiction, 100%, yeah. It would be wild. Shane reached out to someone, said like, ‘Why is all this talk of me and AEW, why’s this going on?’ People started texting me about it, and reached out to someone and asked them about it, which was interesting.”

You can check out the complete podcast below: