Former WWE Star Talks About His Final Meeting With Vince McMahon

During an appearance on Vickie Guerrero’s podcast, former WWE star TJP talked about his final meeting with Vince McMahon before leaving the company:

“I remember knocking on Vince’s door as I did when things were good and I had a pitch. When I felt like things were bad, I would still knock on his door and I would say ‘this is on me. I feel like I am just a guy for you and I don’t want to be that. I would like to be more. I don’t believe in quitting.’ I worked with him a lot on how I can contribute better and be in a different position.

“We tried finding a different spot for me. He has so many guys. When it came to a point, he said, ‘look, I don’t know what we would do with you. I don’t want you to be unhappy and go back on the bench.’

“I told him if it’s not going to work out here, I would like to go do some stuff before I get too old to do it. I can’t be going back to Japan when I’m 50. He said ‘ok, go out and spread your wings. We have a lot of respect for you wanting to do better here but we just don’t know what to do with it.’ That’s all it really came down to. I’m so thankful they were so cool about it.”

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