Backstage News On WWE’s Internal Reaction To The 2024 Draft

As the curtains fell on this year’s WWE Draft, a pivotal event in the wrestling community, many fans voiced their discontent, perceiving it as a lackluster affair.

All of the champions remained with their respective brands, while Roman Reigns withdrew from the draft. Despite some notable NXT call-ups, there were also few moves between Raw and SmackDown.

Exciting news for WWE fans as Blair Davenport, Kiana James, Carmelo Hayes, Baron Corbin, and Dijak have been promoted from NXT to the main roster on Raw and SmackDown. This influx of new talent promises fresh and thrilling matchups.

WrestleVotes reports that WWE is content with the draft’s outcome. Their decision to not shuffle the rosters extensively was driven by their satisfaction with the top-tier talent distribution before the event.

According to the report, a trade or two is expected before the rosters are locked in ahead of Monday’s deadline.

WrestleVotes stated, “Sources indicate that WWE is generally pleased with the draft results and how everything played out on TV. I’ve been told they didn’t want too much high level shuffling as they were satisfied with the pre-draft breakdowns at the top of the card. It’s worth mentioning that a trade or two is expected before Monday’s “roster-locking” deadline.”