Former WWE Superstar Reacts To Vince McMahon Changing RAW Plans Right Before The Show

(Photo Credit: TKO)

Former WWE star Mansoor commented on the RAW after WrestleMania 39 and Vince McMahon changing plans right before the show during a Twitch stream with Mace.

He said, “Raw after Mania. Card is up, show is rehearsed. Hunter [Triple H] has been running the show for a while. Mania was a huge success. We weren’t on it because we were told we were being taken off TV right before. We’re sitting backstage and in catering with Omos. He’s got some disgusting slop on his plate. He gets a call, answers the phone, gets up and runs out. We’re looking at him, we’re with Tyson Kidd [TJ Wilson]. Ten minutes later we’re like, ‘did [Omos] just leave his pile of food here?’ It was a call saying, ‘Omos, you’re booked for Raw in an hour, you need to go get your gear.’ He didn’t bring his gear because he wasn’t supposed to work the show. He had to run back to his hotel and get his gear from when he worked Mania. Vince came through and just changed the whole show an hour before. Suddenly, the first match after WrestleMania was Omos squashing Elias, for no reason.”

You can check out the complete appearance below:

(h/t to Jeremy Lambert for the transcription)