How People In WWE Are Reacting To CM Punk and Daniel Bryan Joining AEW

During the Mat Men Podcast, Andrew Zarian discussed how people within WWE are reacting to the news that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are heading to AEW:

“There’s a lot of rumors that Vince is very upset and management is very angry, how could they these two go? I think Daniel Bryan is the disappointment for them, CM Punk not so much. There’s no buzz that I’m hearing coming from the office side that ‘we f’d up by not signing him.’ There’s a lot of people that think his stock is not what it normally would be. They think his UFC losses hurt him. A lot of people worked with him when he was very unhappy and I think that’s the memory that they have. I’m saying from management, I’m not the talent. I think the talent knows what a big deal this is.”

“A certain network is not very happy [about] the CM Punk stuff…WWE, they are not very concerned about CM Punk. They know it’s a big get for AEW but they were not negotiating to bring him. However, I would say that Daniel Bryan is a big hit for them.”

“WWE’s network partners are shocked AEW is pulling off the CM Punk deal…the partners are shocked because they are not big wrestling fans. They only know names and when they hear a name like that [they wonder] why would they let him go? They don’t really know the inter-workings [and] of course, they are shocked. There’s a lot of stuff going on with the partners…”