Carmelo Hayes Shares His Thoughts On His Match With Cody Rhodes

WWE star Carmelo Hayes appeared on the latest episode of WWE’s The Bump, where he talked about a number of topics including his match with Undisputed WWE Champion “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes on SmackDown.

Hayes said, “I’m feeling like I see what I could have did to beat Cody Rhodes after I watched the match back. There’s a couple of slip-ups that we could have fixed up, and I might have had him when I had him in that Crossrhodes. Then he tried to catch me with the Cody Cutter in mid-air, but he was just too slow, and I’m too fast. But all of that removed, I feel like I’m just so ready to put the rest of the SmackDown roster on notice. I’m so much hungrier than a lot of these guys. A lot of these guys have been up there for so long, they’ve been getting paid for so long they’re comfortable. The one thing you can’t be around Carmelo Hayes is comfortable or complacent because I’m coming for it all, like I did in NXT. I took everything, and I plan to do the same thing on SmackDown.”

On not wanting to wait for opportunities:

“One of the things I’ve always been about, closed mouths don’t get fed on this boulevard. I don’t sit around and wait for opportunities to come to me, I never have. If you look as far back as my NXT career, I stepped to the man at that time in my second match. My first match was a Cruiserweight Championship match. I don’t sit around and wait for opportunities. I go out and I take them. That’s part of my motto with shooting my shot. It takes shots to make shots. To go at Cody Rhodes, it was shot I was willing to miss if I had to miss it, but one thing that everybody on SmackDown’s gonna learn and needs to realize is that I’m second to none. I’m the one, man. I’m one of one, and I am him.”

You can check out Hayes’ comments in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)