Hulk Hogan Recalls Vince McMahon Sr. Telling Him To Dye His Hair Red

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE Hall of Famer “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan recently spoke with The Stakscast on a number of topics including how Vince McMahon Sr. told him to dye his hair red because he wanted Hogan to be Hulk Hogan for the Irish-Americans instead of Terry “The Hulk” Boulder.

Hogan said, “He goes, ‘well, I’ve got Pedro Morales for the Puerto Rican-Americans, and I’ve got Chief Jay Strongbow for the Native-Americans, Bruno Sammartino for the Italian-Americans. I want you instead of being Terry “The Hulk” Boulder, I want you to be Hulk Hogan for the Irish-Americans’. ‘Now here’s two bottles of red dye to dye your hair red.’ I’m going bald headed as it is, if I put this red dye in my hair, the party’s over. When I went back to see Vince McMahon for TV the next day, my hair wasn’t ready, he goes: oh, don’t worry about it, you’re fine. And he just let it go.”

You can check out Hogan’s comments in the video below.