Interesting Backstage News On Creative Royal Rumble Finish Idea

WWE used some rather creative booking at Survivor Series to crown Lana the Sole Survivor in the women’s elimination match. This brought up a discussion about more inventive creative ideas floating around WWE creative.

The idea was thrown out there about how Lana could win the Royal Rumble next without actually doing anything. During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez discussed an idea that would do just that.

“I can tell you this that they’ve been considering doing that finish for years, not with anybody in particular. It comes down and there are two guys left and number 30 hasn’t come out yet and the last two guys eliminate themselves and then number 30 saunters down to the ring and wins, and you know, I’ve heard the idea before. I don’t know if they’ve actually considered doing it, but people there have told me the idea.”

A tenured member of the WWE creative team revealed that the “automatic Royal Rumble winner” idea “gets discussed every year,” according to Ringsidenews. It seems that there is always someone on the roster who they could use with this gimmick for varying reasons.

The automatic Royal Rumble idea where #30 wins by simply entering the match could be a real heat magnet. Using it in Lana’s situation isn’t going to get her over like a babyface.

WWE hasn’t gone with this idea yet, and it’s not very likely they will. Then again, anything can happen in WWE.