WWE Hall Of Famer Was “Blown Away” By MJF After Meeting Him

WWE Hall of Famer JBL discussed former AEW world champion MJF with Peter Rosenberg during their conversation on the Cheap Heat podcast.

“I got to meet MJF over in England. Blown away by him. What a great guy. And the questions he was asking — very intelligent. He was asking stuff about Roddy Piper and being a heel. We shared a car ride together back to the airport. Really smart, young guy. I’m a big fan of him, personally. There’s some pretty good heels out there.”

JBL also commented on Dominik Mysterio’s run as a heel in WWE:

“Dom is awesome! There’s not a bigger fan in the world of Dom than me. I tell him all the time how great he’s doing. I remember one time he did an interview and I was there. He did half of it in Spanish and people booed him like crazy. We’re in a place that didn’t have many Latinos, it wasn’t like anybody knew what he said, he just said it was such venom that people booed him like crazy not knowing. He could have been reciting the phone book from Monterey, it doesn’t matter, It was him, he was getting incredible heat and he has the ability to do that. I am so proud of Dom.”

You can check out the complete show below: