Ivar Confirms Injury And Addresses WWE Status

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Ivar acknowledged his injury in a post on X, even though he hasn’t had surgery yet.

WWE announced on Thursday that Ivar is sidelined with an injury and had to be pulled from scheduled matches. He was set to face Tyler Bate on WWE Speed next Wednesday, followed by a triple-threat match on WWE NXT the next week.

It was reported this morning that he was given time off due to his recent hard work, but this is just an angle. Fightful later confirmed that it is a legitimate injury.

Andrew Sports Medicine reported on X that Ivar is working with them to overcome a spinal injury.

Ivar issued the following statement:

“There has been a lot of misinformation floating around about me. Let me clarify:

Yes I am injured

Yes it is very serious

No I have not had surgery

Still trying to figure out all options and what this means for my future.

That being said, I Want to thank everyone for the out pouring of love and support, not only after finding out I was injured but thru out the last several months, I have heard you all! No matter what happens, I owe it to everyone who ever believed in me to do everything I can to get back in that ring, under those lights, and infront of the most amazing fans on the planet, see you ass soon as I can!”