Jeff Hardy Says His Rivalry With CM Punk Will Return in AEW

Jeff Hardy spoke out on possibly renewing his rivalry CM Punk now that both men are working for AEW, during an appearance on the Wrestling With Freddie podcast:

“[Winning the World Championship] was like a little boy’s dream come true, man. God, and then to do it over and over again. One of my favorite things, as far as being the World Champion, was working with CM Punk. It’s so crazy that we’re in the same company now and there’s a huge moment between me and Punk. It’s going to come, I’m sure,” he said. “I think there’s a huge moment, just in the hallway, like me and Matt beat The Young Bucks or whatever at whatever pay-per-view is coming up, or whatever happens, but then we run into him, and me and Punk just have a face-off.”

You can listen to the podcast below: