Jey Uso Comments On What The Fireflies Mean To Him

One of the loudest WWE crowds ever witnessed took place at WWE Backlash in France, where the fans were electrified the entire evening.

Fans lit up their phones and mimicked Jey Uso’s arm gestures during his entrance. That has caught on at shows in the United States, and some fans have speculated that it is also a nod to Bray Wyatt’s firefly entrance. Jey embraced this when asked about the fireflis on Monday night.

During a WWE Raw post-show interview on WWE’s digital media platforms, Jey discussed what the fireflies represent to him and how it feels like Bray is looking down at everyone.

“It’s hard for me to explain my feelings. It caught on. When the fireflies come out, I think about him. We all think about him. The whole world thinks about him. The WWE Universe thinks about Bray Wyatt. I’m happy. It just organically happened with me. I never asked for them. They just showed up and I know it’s my dog looking down on us man. Man, I love you. Bray Wyatt and the whole universe. I love all y’all for showing love. Fireflies always going to be out there yeetin’ with ya boy.”

(h/t to for the transcription)