Jey Uso Explains Why He Still Sees Roman Reigns As His Tribal Chief

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE star “Main Event” Jey Uso recently appeared on an episode of Gorilla Position, where he talked about a number of topics including why he still sees Roman Reigns as his tribal chief.

Uso said, “For me, Roman Reigns will always be my Tribal Chief. I learned from him. He’s the one who brought us to the promised land. Now the snakes want to step up. Solo Sikoa is a big hitter. I’m glad I’m not on Fridays no more. I do my thing on Monday, I’m going to let that family drama down over there, as long as they keep it on SmackDown, I’ll be alright.”

On if he ever envisioned becoming a singles star:

“No, I literally thought we were going to be a tag team forever. [I thought] We were going to be the best tag team in WWE. I would have been happy [being in a tag team] but just seeing how it’s in my vision now, it’s down the road, I can be a singles star. [I thought] ‘Oh, they’re with me.’ Yeet, the music, the colors, it’s all working. Now I’m able to be a World Heavyweight Champion against Damian Priest.”

You can check out Uso’s comments in the video below.