Jim Cornette Calls ROH Appearing On AEW TV an “Infestation”

(Image Credit: AEW ROH)

On his show “The Jim Cornette Experience,” Jim Cornette shared his opinions and perspectives on a variety of topics.

During it, Cornette discussed Tony Khan’s plans to use ROH titles, ring announcers, and wrestlers on AEW programming to further push the brand while he works on securing a television deal for the promotion he purchased in March of this year. 

He said, “Establish what you’re doing, don’t assume everybody already knows! That was a memo we got from Bill Watts 40 years ago. Everyone – in quotation marks – knows everything, but if you’re in a stipulation match: explain it. If your promo is about someone, remember what you did in the town last time and talk about it. Make things make sense, people don’t just appear and disappear!”

Cornette compared the crossover to a “infestation,” saying that there are now an excessive number of wrestlers and championships:

“Infestation is appropriate, not because any of the Ring of Honor guys are cockroaches, but because by the time you see one or two, there’s a bunch more lurking around the corner! And belts everywhere!”

You can listen to a clip from Cornette’s podcast below: