Jim Ross Addresses Tony Khan Wearing A Neckbrace During The NFL Draft

The Elite’s takeover of AEW storyline continued this week, following their attack on Tony Khan on the previous episode. Following last week’s show, many people wondered how Khan would sell the attack given that he had to appear on camera during the NFL Draft.

When asked about the angle, Khan maintained kayfabe while wearing a neckbrace. In the storyline, he is not cleared to travel, so The Young Bucks take over until Khan returns. Ross said on the “Grilling JR” podcast that he was shocked by last week’s events before praising Khan for selling the injury during the NFL Draft.

Ross said, “I was waiting to see if Tony was gonna follow through and complete the cycle by wearing a neckbrace and he did. I was proud of him for doing that because it was old school. Now whether you like the angle or you didn’t like the angle, that’s another issue but him following through and wearing the neckbrace…good for Tony Khan on that deal. That was old school like thinking and I’m really glad that he wore the neckbrace.”

Conrad Thompson said he’s excited to see where this storyline goes, and he noted that those who requested more stories in AEW are now receiving them.

This week on Dynamite, The Elite viciously attacked EVP Kenny Omega. So it appears that Omega will be out for a while before returning to exact his revenge once he has fully recovered from diverticulitis surgery.

You can check out the complete podcast below:

(h/t to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription)