Jim Ross Believes The DDT Should Be A Finishing Move, Comments On His Health, More

AEW personality and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross recently spoke on his podcast, “Grilling JR,” about a variety of professional wrestling topics including a recent visit to the ER and he said that there is still no timetable for a return to AEW:

“I had to go the emergency room this morning because I was concerned that my the redness in my wounded leg was moving and I’ve been warned about that, that, you know, you don’t want to see this thing get out control. If you see it moves over past a certain spot on your leg, you need to go to the emergency room right away and have them look at it, and I did. They looked at it and they did nothing. It didn’t need anything. He said, ‘You’re fine. It’s good that you’re paying attention, but if it continues to move in a northerly direction, you need to come back and see us.’ So I did that this morning. That was awful fun. That’s just part of the maintenance of this sh*t. I can tell you that right now. People will say, ‘When are you going to go back to work.’ Well, I’d like to go back to work tonight. I’d like to go back to work next week, but I don’t know when that’s going to be. I’ve got to get past this thing and I’m hoping that the two issues I have, I can protect my wound from infection in a pretty good way. I got the medicines, the solvents, the covers, all that stuff, but man, what’s killing me right now is this lower back thing. I’ve heard guys talk about sciatica and not in a very positive way. It’s really challenging.”

The AEW announce teams:

“Ian (Riccaboni) really distinguished himself in Calgary, I thought. I thought he and Nigel McGuinness had a hell of a night. I don’t trust anybody any more than Ian Riccaboni to get the stuff in. We’ve got a great anchor with Excalibur and another great anchor with Ian Riccaboni and you just got to try it and see what kind of chemistry there is between teams. The team of Taz and Tony Schiavone and Excalibur is excellent. They really are excellent and they’re getting their timing together. They’re not talking over each other. They’re trying, I think, not to use so many fu**ing pronouns. Then Nigel and Ian had a hell of a night, and that’s leaving out Kevin Kelly in this debate. He’ll be back as I understand it to do Collision, but I don’t know how all that’s gonna work out. I don’t have any idea. But anyway, you just got to see if they got chemistry. The skill set it takes to have the patience to talk in sound bites and not make your dialogue about you. That’s what we’re waiting to see how that was all going to transfer.”

On the DDT being used as a transition spot:

“I agree that the transition spot bullsh*t is true. I also believe that if we were doing our correct due diligence, that there were certain moves that would be banned except for certain guys. Everybody can’t use the DDT because they’re just going to whore it out, prostitute it out as, you know, a transitional thing. Meaningless. It has no pop. So I told somebody that one time not that long ago, maybe six months ago in AEW. I said, ‘You can’t beat anybody with a DDT, or you haven’t. Is that because you don’t do it well, or what is the reason? Because it’s the same move, looks the same, everything’s the same, and it used to be a killer and everybody used to be in awe of it. Now, talented guys like you can’t even beat anybody with it. Explain that to me so I can understand how to explain it on television.’ They couldn’t. It’s just a spot to get them to the next spot and that’s not a good strategy.”

You can check out the complete podcast below:

(h/t to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription)