Jim Ross Never Thought WWE Money In The Bank Would Last As Long As It Has

AEW announcer and Senior Advisor “Good Ole’ J.R.” Jim Ross recently took to an episode of his “Grilling Jr” podcast to discuss a number of topics. Ross commented on how it costs the WWE nothing to go out at Money in the Bank and talk about possibly holding a WrestleMania in London.

Ross said, “It costs you nothing. You’re not committing, I don’t have any Wrestlemanias WWE has committed right now on the books and where they are, but I would venture to say there’s more than they’re more than one or two years in planning already on the books for the WrestleMania sites. Right. I don’t know how you’d, at some point, you’ve almost gotta do a WrestleMania out of London. I think it’s the territorially. You would do that. So, I don’t know. It’s a big surprise. I didn’t take it politically offensive. It’s just, why wouldn’t you? Right. Why wouldn’t you go out there and talk about the biggest event, and you got a full house there? You got 19,000 fans. I believe they said it was on hand. Uh, it’s a territory that’s been well promoted and cultivated over the years, going all the way back to SummerSlam 92. So why not? Why not? So it didn’t bother me a bit, quite frankly. I was surprised to see John. I think they were too. Oh, yeah. And it was a well-kept secret, which was nice. Yes. Those are hard to come by and wrestle on these days, but John got a great reception. The audience, which is always the primary, your primary focus, is how well the audience is entertained and how happy they seem like they are getting their money’s worth. And hopefully more, and I’d say they got their money’s worth and more on Money in the Bank.”

Ross also never thought WWE Money in the Bank would last as long as it did.

“You know when we first started. I think I was around in the early days of Money in the Bank. I never thought it would live as long as it has, but it’s a really unique concept. It’s a cool little way of getting a title match and adding some suspense and things of that nature. So, I thought that was a hell of a show.”

You can check out Jim Ross’ comments in the video below.