Jim Ross Talks About AEW’s Preparation For TV Debut

Jim Ross recently did an interview with Busted Open Radio and here are the highlights:

Jon Moxley: “[…] it’s the biggest get yet, for us,” Ross claimed. “Because of the timeliness of him coming fresh off WWE television, I know he wasn’t always overwhelmed with his creative, but he got a lot of TV time, he has a lot of name amenity, and more importantly he’s young, athletic, and passionate. And he seemingly comes into work with a chip on his shoulder, he’s perpetual motion at TV, he’s full of energy. He’s a big get, man.”

AEW’s TV debut: “They [the AEW roster] may have great reputations in the independent scene. They may have cult followings with a small smattering of fans here, there, and yon because of their work in the indies, but they ain’t been to the big dance, yet,” Ross explained.

“We’re gonna get them to the big dance in October when we go on TNT every week. Live television, prime time, every week, in October. So hopefully we can help continue to mold, mentor, coach ’em up, be a good listener, give ’em some love and some positive attention and motivation, and by October, whoever sticks with the roster by then, is going to have a whole different perspective.”