John Cena Continues To Tease WWE WrestleMania 40 Appearance

(Photo Credit: WWE)

John Cena’s recent teases have sparked speculation about a possible appearance at WWE WrestleMania 40, and he isn’t backing down.

As previously reported, there was talk of having Cena at Mania as recently as last week, but his acting schedule will determine whether or not. If he makes it, he will be unable to do anything that is considered risky for insurance reasons. Should Cena appear, the plan is to do something “fun, short, memorable, and with substance.”

During an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, Cena was asked if he would be at WrestleMania 40.

“I’m kind of waiting for my invite. Unfortunately, it’s like, I don’t have a prom date, so I have no one to go to prom with. I haven’t been asked to go yet. That’s okay. That’s alright. I have not yet found a golden ticket in my chocolate bar, so I guess I have to keep eating chocolate bars to find a golden ticket.”

Kofi Kingston asked Cena about his favorite World Title reign. Cena replied, “Crossing my fingers to say my next one.”