JoJo Offerman Comments On Still Doing Wrestling Conventions

JoJo Offerman, wife of the late great Windham Rotonda (Bray Wyatt) spoke with News 4 Jax at the River City Wrestling Convention on a number of topics including why she continues to do wrestling conventions.

Offerman said, “Some days are better than others, but it’s usually very tough. What keeps me going is the strength and love that Windham—Bray to you guys—and I shared. Our relationship was so strong and beautiful that it helps me stay strong for him.”

On having gratitude towards the wrestling community for their support:

“The wrestling community, and especially the people in the company, have really been there for me, helping me get through a lot of tough days.”

On how her main focus is being a mom but she is trying to get back in the ring as well:

“Being a mom takes up most of my time. I’m also trying to get back into music and maybe working out in the ring again. We’ll see, but for now, I’m mainly focused on being a mom.”

You can check out Offerman’s comments in the video below.