Kamille Reveals She’s Spoken With Shawn Michaels, Says She’s Made A Decision About Her Future

Former NWA Women’s Champion Kamille recently appeared as a guest on WrestlingNews.co for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling. During the discussion, Kamille says she’s made a decision on where she is going next in wrestling:

“My last match was the end of November, and I knew I was going to take all the December off because I knew what was to come. And I was like, I’m getting myself December. Once January started, January 1, I was a free agent. It was funny, of course I have confidence in myself and I know that I did a wonderful job at NWA as champion. But as you talked about before, not a whole bunch of buzz, not a whole bunch of buzz around the NWA. But I knew my time was done there. I had no idea what to expect in free agency, I really didn’t. And so when January 1 hit, things got crazy. And in the best of ways, right. I was just excited, you know, if people were interested, and then I found out that lots of people were interested. I like to really, really think about things and weigh out pros and cons. And so I was like, Okay, I’m gonna get myself all of January to really make the best decision for not only myself, I’m a married woman, right? I have like my family. And so just just make the right decision for everything. And yeah, then, when February came, I said all right time to make a decision. And as I said in my YouTube video, if you guys watch it’s @KamilleBrickhouse, I am releasing videos every Wednesday. Just honestly, just something fun to do. I started doing YouTube over COVID…”

On Tony Khan having nice feedback when he was asked about Kamille at a media scrum:

“Never say never is great in professional wrestling. I mean, look at CM Punk going back to WWE. Literally never say never. Once again I just appreciated so much that that he’s even taking the time out to look at my work, to enjoy my matches, watch my promos, stuff like that. I mean, you know, I had conversations with Shawn Michaels and I had no clue that Shawn Michaels had any idea who in the world Kamille was and found out he was a big fan. Stuff like that blew my mind. And it was super humbling and amazing. And yeah, to hear Tony have such nice feedback when you asked him the question the other day, was really refreshing…”

On if her talks with Shawn Michaels were face to face, Kamille said, “No, I’ve never been backstage or anything. I was backstage at AEW because I was visiting friends and whatnot.”

You can check out the complete interview below: