Kelly Kelly Comments On Vince McMahon, Says She Wants To Come Out Of Retirement

Barbie Blank, known to fans as former WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly recently appeared as a guest on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling. During the discussion, Kelly commented on working with Vince McMahon

“I always looked at him like he was my boss. I only went to him one time and that was when I wanted to become Divas Champion. I only saw him during rehearsal. This is rehearsals and he was on it, like, here we go, okay, rehearse, done. On to the next one. Just so professional, like, just an amazing boss, literally. I have nothing but amazing things.”

On deciding to retire at age 25:

“I remember it was The Price Is Right. Bob Barker was hosting. I was backstage doing the thing with him that night and I had this thing on my knee (from being injured), and I still had to work. I never took a weekend off. I was ready to take a break. I think my neck had been hurting. They were like, ‘Totally take some time.’ I took a few months and I felt like I was ready to do more stuff outside and girls weren’t really doing things outside of WWE, like you weren’t really getting that much stuff. I was like, well, I want to do modeling, I want to maybe get into some acting, and I just remember having this conversation with Hunter. He’s like, ‘Look, the doors always open’ and I was like, Okay. There was not one thing. It was just like one day I had taken the time off and I remember I got the call and they’re like, ‘Look, we’re gonna release you, but the door is always open.”

On wanting to come back to wrestling:

“I really want my twins to see me wrestle. I think it would be so amazing when they get it, like when they are four or five. Seeing like, ‘That’s my mom’ and they’re sitting in the front row. I just remember watching Michelle McCool when she came and did the Rumble and her daughter was sitting there and her daughter’s face was priceless. I’m like, Oh my gosh, because that’s what I want. If you could just see her daughter’s eyes we’re just so big and she was just like, ‘That’s my mom’, and she was so proud. I just want that moment for me and my twins one day for them to just be like, ‘That’s my mom’ and just go out there and kick some butt for a few minutes.”

You can check out the complete interview below:

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