Kevin Nash: “I Quit Drinking. I Think Today Is Week 5”

In a recent episode of the podcast “Kliq This,” WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash gave a health update. He claims to have been clean for five weeks, Nash.

“I quit drinking. I think today is week 5,” Nash said on his podcast.

A change that Nash has noticed since becoming sober is that he is “Not taking in empty calories and carbohydrates before I go to bed. The last thing I do at night is I do a protein shake, which is maybe 220 calories and 50 grams of protein, maybe 1 or 2 grams of carbs. So it’s nothing.”

A bottle of wine was Nash’s nightly beverage of choice, according to him. He said, “As you get older, there’s a chance with continued drinking to get a fatty liver. The fatty liver makes it harder for your body to break down fat. I said f*ck it…”

Not long ago, a former WWE star revealed that he had half a foot amputated. Ago Nash mentioned that he discovered an alcohol-free IPA beer, which he enjoys with dinner and uses to shake up his daily routine of drinking ice water.

You can check out the podcast below:

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