Konosuke Takeshita Addresses How He Has Been Booked In AEW Thus Far

AEW star Konosuke Takeshita spoke with ddtpro.com about how he has been booked in AEW so far. Here’s an excerpt:

Two years since his first American excursion and 1.5 years since he joined AEW. Despite his own successes—defeating Kenny Omega, delivering standout performances against Will Ospreay, and showing interest for Jon Moxley’s IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, practically putting his center of the wrestling world—Takeshita finds himself at a crossroads.

“I thought hard work could cover for everything else before getting there. If I showed how good I am I could get more airtime, but there are other aspects that come to play when competing here (in America). Discrimination is not the word here but unfortunately there’s a lack of space for an Asian person to be on a TV show watched by Americans. No matter how good my condition was nor the amount of matches I was put it, or how many times they said my match was good, it felt like I couldn’t make it in the starting lineup, to put it in Baseball terms.”

Here is another excerpt from the article:

It was no surprise that Takeshita’s existence felt solitary and outstanding, but he was flying directly from Canada after a 3-hour AEW show. However, due to the timing constraints Takeshita’s match was cancelled minutes before he was supposed to go Live.

“Its been a few weeks since I got to be on air and due to (the nature of) the live broadcast my match was cut. I was already waiting at the entrance gate with my gown on when I was told so. I carried all those frustrating emotions of that moment into that one match in Budokan. There was that feeling that I didn’t want to lose to them either.”