Kurt Angle Comments On His Career Defining Match

Kurt Angle recently did a Q&A on his Facebook page. Here are the highlights:

His career defining match: “2003 Royal Rumble World Championship match against Benoit. Watch it. You want to learn and understand the art of pro wrestling? This is the match to watch. PERIOD”

His closest friends in the business: “WWE: Brock, Big Show, Edge, Christian, & Rhino. TNA: James Storm, Bobby Roode, AJ, Joe, & Brian Hebner.” Angle listed.

His favorite match against Sting: “Kurt Angle I had lots at great matches with Sting. The open arena match I had with Sting was pretty cool.”

If he has time for Buffo the Clown now that he’s retired: “I wish I had time to be Buffo. I have 5 kids and we are adopting another. My time is devoted to my family half of the week and let’s not forget that I work for WWE the other half of the week. No time to be Buffo.”

His role in Chasing Molly: “I play a drug kingpin. Shelley Pack, the creator, asked me to be in the movie. I loved the script, it’s a funny movie. Just released May 7th. I loved playing my part. I plan on doing more flicks!!”