Kyle O’Reilly: “My Career And Adam’s Cole Career Will Always Be Somehow Intertwined”

(Photo Credit: AEW)

AEW star Kyle O’Reilly recently spoke with The Wrestling Classic on a number of topics including how he believes his career and Adam Cole’s career will always be intertwined somehow.

O’Reilly said, “My career and Adam’s Cole career will always be somehow intertwined, I feel like we’re destined to do it forever.” “You know like Joker and Batman to some degree. So yeah, of course, that’s eventually gonna happen.”

“Unfortunately, he’s dealing with an ankle injury right now but I’m sure once he gets back to 100%, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later, you know we’ll mix it up again to some degree, whether that’s as buddies or as enemies. I’m sure it’ll all happen in every possible scenario between now and when we eventually retire.”

You can check out O’Reilly’s comments in the video below.