LA Knight Believes He Would Feel A Bit Incomplete If He Retired Before Holding A World Title

WWE star LA Knight recently spoke with Cheap Heat on a number of topics including how he would be disappointed to retire without a World Title win.

Knight said, “If I had millions and millions of dollars to sit on top of, maybe not. But yeah, maybe from an egotistical standpoint, sure. … There’s a part of me that would feel maybe somewhat incomplete, especially … after getting to Crown Jewel, being right there and to not have climbed that mountain and reached the top — yeah, I think that’d be a little disappointing.”

On his age having previously held him back:

“Obviously, at some point, my age became an issue. Apparently I’m old, but somebody forgot to tell me because, as far as I’m concerned, I’m about 26 right now.”

You can check out Knight’s comments in the video below.