LA Knight Cuts Promo On The King Of The Ring Tournament

WWE star LA Knight, who will be taking on Santos Escobar in a King of the Ring tournament first round match down the line, took to his official Twitter (X) account and cut a promo on the ongoing historic tournament.

Knight said, “So look, you talk about King of the Ring. Santos Escobar wants to say he’s in there. Gunther wants to say he’s in there! Uh, who is it? Everybody wants to say they’re in there! Xavier Woods! Every single person down the lines wants to be the King of the Ring, but guess what man? You’ve got a force to go through. You’ve got this energy to go through and I got to tell you. Look, you talk about LA Knight and you talk about the knight kind of becoming the king. But look, I ain’t worried about any of that. I don’t need to wear a crown to know that I run this because knows everybody knows whose game this is with everybody saying it. L-A-Knight! Yeah!”

You can check out Knight’s comments below.