Liv Morgan Calls Out Fan Who Publicly Criticized Bray Wyatt’s Widow, Jojo Offerman

JoJo Offerman, the widow of Windham Rotunda, aka Bray Wyatt, was the subject of an unusual tweet from a fan who didn’t like her letting loose.

Wyatt died of a heart attack in late August, leaving the wrestling world without him. Wyatt and Offerman have two children together.

Offerman attended the music festival alongside WWE star Liv Morgan and former WWE star CJ Perry aka Lana for a fun night out. A Twitter user posted a video of Offerman dancing in the ring, captioned “Bray Wyatt died 6 months ago.”

Morgan silenced the fan by writing, “Are you implying shes not allowed one moment of happiness while grieving the most devastating tragedy that completely altered her life ? You truly are a degenerate.”

Amanda Huber, the widow of Jon Huber aka Brodie Lee, also commented, writing, “And 6 months ago Jojo remained living. Fuck anyone who uses grief to create an unrealistic expectation of behavior. She deserves to find moments of happiness without weirdos on the internet running commentary. Seriously, fuck this mentality.”