Lola Vice Names Randy Orton As Her Dream Tag Team Partner

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE NXT star Lola Vice recently spoke with Under the Ring on a number of topics including who she considers as her dream tag team partner.

Vice said, “Present? I would choose, and I know it’s crazy, but Randy Orton. I love his style. I love the way he wrestles. He’s so explosive. His timing is amazing. I would definitely want to team with Randy. Then, [for the Superstar from the past], Eddie Guerrero, for sure.”

On wanting to work with The Rock on the screen:

“I also forgot to mention, of course, The Rock. I would like to, and I know this is crazy, but one day, I would like to remake the Miami Vice from the ’80s with The Rock. I would love to do that. You have to manifest it, you know?”

You can check out Vice’s comments in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)