Madusa Reflects On AEW Female Wrestlers Refusing To Attend Training Sessions

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Born into the traditional wrestling era, Madusa, also known as Alundra Blayze, is a trailblazer in the women’s division.

The WWE Hall of Famer enjoyed a successful career in both WWE and WCW, where she held the women’s titles. She famously dropped the WWE Women’s Title into a trash can on WCW Nitro shortly after joining the promotion.

While speaking on her Paving the Way podcast, Madusa, who has previously appeared on AEW television, recalled attending AEW training sessions for women and noticing a lack of talent among those present. She found out that the sessions led by Dustin Rhodes were voluntary.

“I don’t know if the girls train at AEW. I know when I was there that first time. I was there for a couple of days, and they had open training because they had a ring there, and that’s when Dustin [Rhodes] was training the girls, and he’s like, Oh my God, I’m so glad you’re here. Do you want to come to practice? I’m like, yeah, yeah, and I’m like, okay, I said I’ll just, you know, I’ll just sit out here, and he goes. Yeah, he goes. Do you want to help train the girls? I said, I’m honored.

But you know, I’m ready to come in and start throwing my weight, but I don’t think it’s cool. I said, your leading this, so if you want me to talk to the girls and let them know that I’m open, that they want to come over for any suggestions and stuff like that absolutely I said I think the best thing is that you know the kids are here and the ones that aren’t in the ring training that the best way to learn is actually to sit outside the ring and watch and listen right and he’s like of you know of course he gets it, and so we were getting ready to start, and I’m like where’s everybody, and he’s like well it’s voluntary, and I’m like so it’s fucking free you got Dustin fucking Rhodes training the girls where are they why aren’t they here and I was a little baffled, and he’s like….it’s the kids you know. What am I going to say? It’s the kids, the new kids of today, and I’m like, well, okay.

That was respectfully said. I get it, but what you know I said, isn’t it mandatory? I mean there, half more of them are under contracts, and they’re getting paid. Shouldn’t they just be here to show up to? I’m like, because back then the girls work sucked, you know, it was a shit show, man, and they were all basically learning and what no bad things to them. They just was no direction, so right, and I’m like, who wouldn’t take advantage of that? So anyway I went, and I was talking, and then the next day I saw some girls, and they walked out. I’m like, oh my God, hi, how are you? They’re like, oh hi, nice to meet you, Madusa. I said great, I said we had practice yesterday, we have it now I said are you coming. She turned to me and said practice. I don’t have to go I said what do you mean you don’t have to go to school? I’m on the injured list, and I looked at her, and she had her makeup all done. She’s walking just fine. Everything’s fine, but sometimes, internally, you just don’t know.

She goes, Yeah, I have a doctor, I don’t need to go, I don’t have to practice, and I say, Well, you look great to me. I said, Why can’t you sit outside the ring and learn something? She goes; it’s voluntary, and I don’t need to show. I’m not saying this person’s name for a reason because I’ll mention it probably later in another episode, but it really opened my eyes to what and how the women—I’m not going to say to all of them how they may look at this business as a meal ticket is money only or do they really respect it. Are they that much of a c**t? You know what I’m saying? Well, I’m just saying I didn’t know we were visiting the vagina monologues tonight, and anybody that’s seen that play will get that joke. Um, okay, [I’m] last thinking you, you arrogant little bitch, my God anyway.”

You can check out the interview below:

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