Magnum TA Comments On Why Ric Flair Struggled With His Retirement From Wrestling

Professional wrestling legend Magnum TA appeared on an episode of the “Snake Pit” podcast, where he spoke about a variety of topics such as why two-time WWE Hall of Famer “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair struggled with his retirement from wrestling as well as how he understands what Flair feels.

He said, “It’s a sacrificial business, to begin with. You give up a lot of things people take for granted, things they can do with their time, spend time with their families. You end up … you’re married to the business.”

“It was a situation where you grew to despise the travel but you enjoy the performance part of it so much.” “And enjoy that time in the ring and be able to be rewarded by the fans that are reciprocating, enjoying what you did, it was almost like a euphoric drug kinda thing.” “Not only is it a potent drug, but it’s reportedly rare.”

“There’s nothing I’ve ever been able to do in my life that’s replicated what that experience is like.” “So I know why Flair and these guys that were able to perform way past their physical prime because they couldn’t hang it up, they didn’t know what else to do. There was nothing to replace that with.”

You can check out Magnum T.A.’s comments below: