Marc Mero Reflects On Getting His First Guaranteed WWE Contract In 1996

Pro wrestling veteran Marc Mero recently spoke with Wrestling Shoot Interviews on a number of topics including his run with the WWE and getting the company’s first-ever guaranteed contract back in 1996.

Mero said, “It just ruffled a lot of feathers when I came to WWE. Because of the signing bonus, the guaranteed contract, and of course, bringing my wife in too? Raised a lot of eyebrows. Next thing you know, I’m speaking to Vince. He goes, ‘I can give you the guaranteed contract and the signing bonus, but why do you want to bring your wife on the road?’ We walked into his office and he looked at her and he goes, ‘I got to put her on TV.’ And then her and I came up with the name ‘Sable’ and the rest is history.“

You can check out Mero’s comments in the video below.