Matt Hardy Believes AEW Prioritizes “Five-Star” Matches Over “Hugely Impactful” Segments

TNA Wrestling’s Matt Hardy appeared on Busted Open Radio and said the following about his run with brother Jeff in AEW:

“I believe in TNA the Hardy Boyz can get the run that we deserve at this stage of our careers and that is the run to cement our legacy and that is very important to both of us. Look, we have incredible star power. If you were at Wrestlecon in Philadelphia, it was outrageous how much we signed, how many people that were there to see us. We have fans coming up crying to us like it’s 2000 all the time, but I feel like AEW is more focused on having a five-star match as opposed to having a segment that is hugely impactful and makes a moment.”

“We would have loved to have had that run in AEW but low and behold, that didn’t happen. And I think we are both happy now that we are somewhere else where we feel like we’ll get utilized and optimized in our status as legends, as we are, legends who can still go. AEW is a great organization, the pro wrestling world needs it but it wasn’t the place for me and Jeff at this certain time because they are just in a different mindset. I think Tony Khan is in a different mindset. It is what is, it’s nothing to be hot about. Tony Khan, great dude. I was paid great while I was there. It was just, both us, myself and Jeff, we wanted something different. There was one point where I just said, we haven’t won a match in 11 months on TV and we are legitimately in the top five conversation of greatest tag teams of all time. Like, what is going on here?”

You can check out the show below:

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