Matt Riddle Reveals Vince McMahon’s Initial Reaction About Him

During an appearance on the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast, former WWE star Matt Riddle revealed Vince McMahon’s initial reaction about him.

“He thought I was goofy. If anything, the first time we met, he didn’t like me because I was goofy. He was like ‘You’re goofy.’ And I’m like ‘Yeah I’m goofy, but it’s a good thing.’ He’s like ‘Being a goof isn’t a good thing.’ And I’m like ‘Well, I’m a goof that can kick your ass.’ You could tell that didn’t make him happy. And then Bruce Prichard hopped in and was like ‘Hey Vince, he’s pretty good at wrestling. Trust me.’”

In the same interview, Riddle reacted to allegations against Vince by saying “I’m not surprised – the guy was a maniac.”