Mick Foley Explains Why He Is Scrapping Plans For A Final Match

(Photo Credit: WWE)

As PWMania.com previously reported, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley has said that he would like to do one more “death match” to celebrate his 60th birthday.

Foley posted a video to his YouTube channel detailing the reasons behind his decision to scrap the plans.

He said, “As some of you know, I had to miss a couple weekends of appearances because of dizziness and lightheadedness. After consulting a couple of doctors and also using my own experience with concussions — the symptoms, they seem to point to a concussion that I did not even know I received. I hadn’t done too much in the ring, but I had done a little bit. I had noticed that I was lightheaded after one of the workouts, but I thought it would go away.

So it just seems like the wisest move, and one that’s strongly supported by my family, is to call off that final match. If I can get concussed from something I’m not even aware of, then some of the things that I was thinking of doing and hoping of doing in a big match would not be smart. So with my family’s urging, and after careful thought, I’ve decided there will be no final match. Thanks a lot for tuning in, and I hope you have a nice day.”

You can check out the video below:

(quotes courtesy of F4WOnline.com)