Mike Rotunda Comments On The Undertaker Narrating Bray Wyatt’s Documentary

WWE Hall of Famer Mike Rotunda appeared on The Ringer Wrestling podcast this week to discuss his late son, Bray Wyatt. Wyatt’s (Windham Rotunda) birthday occurred this week.

Rotunda was asked when he first noticed Bray’s affinity for scary movies and characters like Waylon Mercy:

Rotunda said, “Let me say, first of all. My wife is a huge Stephen King fan. That’s her favorite. Her and the boys — wife is not so much a horror movie [fan]. She likes the spooky stuff like Stephen King does. She read books and she told them all kinds of different stories. The difference is me being in the wrestling business, my wife first of all had three years exclusively with Windham because he was our first child. I was on the road coming in and out and they were just so close because of that. Three years is a long time and we moved to Atlanta from Charlotte so it’s a new place, you don’t know people. So they spent a lot of time together, one on one. My wife and Windham., Taylor’s (Bo Dallas) birthday is the 25th of May and they’re a day a part, three years apart…like I said, my wife is a huge Stephen King fan and I think that kind of rubbed off on both of the boys. My daughter, not so much though…”

The documentary about Bray Wyatt’s life and career is available to watch on Peacock. Rotunda thanked The Undertaker for providing the narration.

Rotunda said, “Taker is a great guy. I was so happy that he wanted to do the documentary. Obviously, he did a great job. It meant a lot to our family and I’m sure it would have meant a lot to Windham.”

You can check out the complete interview below:

(h/t to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription)