Moose Discusses Potentially Making An Appearance On WWE TV

TNA World Champion Moose was asked about a possible WWE television appearance during an interview with Gabby AF.

Moose said, “That’s not a secret about the crossover, like you mentioned. It’s a big deal. It’s a big deal for TNA, it’s a big deal for the guys who have been lucky enough to make that crossover and do stuff with them. I don’t know much about it. I try not to look into those things and get my hopes up or think much about. Just whenever it happens, if it happens, I’ll be excited to do it, whatever they have, if they have something.

Obviously, I’m happy with doing stuff with WWE, the biggest wrestling company in the world, bar none, and I’m happy for my friends, with Jordynne and Joe [Hendry], so has gotten a chance to do stuff with them. They did great. Look at Joe, overnight star after appearance, and Frankie [Kazarian], he’s a good friend of mine. So I try not to think about it, I try not to put my hopes up. I just do what I do until hopefully I get a call saying I’m gonna do something. No matter what it is, I’ll be happy and give 110% my best effort to whatever that is.”

(quote courtesy of Colin Tessier)