Most Valuable Wrestling Memorabilia

It’s no secret that collectors’ memorabilia can rack up an incredible value beyond sentimentality, and pro-wrestling memorabilia is no exception. There have been a lot of collector items created throughout wrestling’s history, particularly after the ‘80s, when WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) events became huge, crowd-drawing sensations. 

The collector items range from posters and action figures to signed costumes and pinball machines. But which of these items have earned a reputation for being some of the most valuable? Here, we’ll answer that question by looking at seven of the most valuable collectors wrestling items to date.

7. Miss Elizabeth Purple Skirt LJN Figure ($1,500 – $1,800)

Elizabeth Hulette was the most famous woman in the 1980s wrestling arena. A wrestler, announcer, and manager who simply went by “Miss Elizabeth,” she was often thought of as the First Lady of Wrestling. She was also known for her personal and professional relationship that guided the champion “Macho Man” Randy Savage to his immense wrestling success. 

In her time around the ring, Miss Elizabeth would show up in gowns and glitzy outfits. Her style was recreated in her action figure in two different but equally glitter-infused colors, purple and gold. Today, the rarer of the two colors, purple, stands out as the most valuable (and is one of the most valuable action WWF figures in general). The figure is currently listed on eBay at $1,500, and ten years ago, the same figure sold for $1,800.

6. Hulk Hogan Rookie Poppy Soft Figure ($5,000)

Hulk Hogan, easily one of the most famous wrestlers in the WWE organization, has had many figures and collector items created with his look and name. Not all these items have become valuable collector items, but those that did now have shocking price tags. 

One of these valuable collector items is a figure from his early wrestling days before he was known as Hulk Hogan or had discovered his famous red and yellow look. The figure represents him when he was just a wrestling rookie and is valued at $5,000.

5. Andre the Giant Poppy Soft Figure ($1,700 – $6,000)

André René Roussimoff, better known as “André the Giant,” became a household name not just for his professional wrestling career but also for his role of the lovable Fezzik in “The Princess Bride.” He suffered from the hormonal disorder acromegaly, which caused giantism. He reached a height estimated to be around, though likely above, seven feet. He used his size to his advantage in the wrestling ring, once stating, “What God gave me, I use it to make a living.” Unfortunately, his disorder led to an early death at 46. 

Currently, multiple André the Giant Poppy Soft figures featuring his wrestling look before he donned his iconic black strap are listed on eBay with an asking price varying from $1,700 to $6,000. Given his fame in and out of the wrestling ring, it’s shocking that his figures aren’t more valuable.

4. Kamala Hasbro Figure with Moon ($10,000 – $20,000)

James Arthur Harris, the wrestler who went by the stage name “Kamala,” was a huge persona in wrestling in the 1980s, even though he was in the WWF (now the WWE) for just six years. He stood at 6’-7”, making him an intimidating presence. His signature look was a printed loin cloth with two painted stars on his chest, a moon on his stomach, and white war paint masking his face. 

In 1993, Hasbro released a figure of Kamala with a yellow moon on the stomach but quickly replaced it with a version featuring a yellow star. The reason for the replacement isn’t clear, though some believe it was due to copyright issues. Nevertheless, because of this sudden change in design, original figurines with the moon are now very rare and highly valuable, ranging in sales prices from $10,000 to $20,000.

3. Unreleased Granite Ultimate Warrior Mattel Figure ($20,000)

In 2014, Mattel debuted a collection for the WWE called the “Defining Moments” that featured many of the top wrestlers, including the WWE Hall of Famer James Brian Hellwig, known as “Ultimate Warrior.” The figure of Ultimate Warrior was given a statuesque look by being painted in a grey color reminiscent of granite or marble; however, it was never released. Only 15 figures were made and somehow made it out onto the market, where they’re now highly valued, with an unopened boxed figure going for $20,000.

2. Signed WrestleMania 25 Program ($30,000)

The 25th WrestleMania is identified on IMDB as “one of the most breathtaking matches of all time.” It was a significant milestone for the WWE organization, and it saw prominent names in wrestling go head-to-head. The standout match was between wrestlers Mark Calaway, “The Undertaker,” and Shawn Michaels, unofficially nicknamed “The Heartbreak Kid” and “Mr. WrestleMania.” 

The event drew over 70,000 spectators and grossed $50 million. Today, the excitement and hype around the event have led to a signed program being valued at $30,000.

1. Hulk Hogan LJN Prototype ($50,000)

Topping the list as the most valuable wrestling memorabilia is the prototype used for the Hulk Hogan LJN figure, which has an asking price of $50,000. The figure is rough around the edges with unpainted and unrefined details that allude to what the official LJN figure would look like. It’s one of a kind, which is one of the reasons this rather sorry-looking figure is so highly valued.

What Will Be Valuable in the Future?

This is just a glimpse into the many valuable items that pro wrestling has brought to the world. The sport has become so popular that it seems to have found a way into any and every type of product out there, from action figures and arcade games to online casino games featuring a Fanatics casino promo code. All this means that, with time, this list could look entirely different and be filled with the unexpected.