MVP Reveals What He’s Learned From Paul Heyman

WWE veteran MVP recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet on a number of topics including how Paul Heyman has been extremely influential in his career.

MVP said, “Well, you know Paul Heyman has been an extremely influential figure in my career. He’s said publicly and privately, ‘I didn’t bring you here to compete with me, I brought you here to replace me.’ That’s praise from Caesar.”

What he has learned from Roman Reigns’ special counsel and wiseman:

“Presentation. Everything is presentation. I can say a sentence to you one way and present it to you and that has a completely different context if I present it to you in another way. Same words, but it’s all in how I present it to you.”

You can check out MVP’s comments in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)l