Naomi Says Women Wrestlers Have Demonstrated They Deserve Equal TV Time And Pay As Men

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE superstar Naomi commented about the current state of women’s wrestling in 2024 while she was being interviewed by Fault Magazine.

Naomi said, “I think now is the best the business has ever been for a female wrestler thanks to women over the decades continuously breaking down barriers. I’ve seen a lot of growth and change in the industry since I started my career in 2009 with the way women are represented and treated in the business! Slowly but showly women wrestlers have and are continuing to prove that we are draws, deserve the tv time and wages equal to the men.”

Naomi was also asked how she would respond to those who believe that practicing femininity is incompatible with contact sports such as wrestling:

“I think the women of WWE proves that theory to be wrong lol. Women wrestlers have always proven even from the beginning that women can do it all. We are wives, mothers, business women, very unique performing athletes, and somehow make it look easy.”