New Details On Seth Rollins’ Injury Revealed

(Photo Credit: WWE)

As previously reported, Seth Rollins is expected to address his injury on Monday Night RAW. The severity of it has been revealed via Fightful Select.

Rollins told people backstage at RAW that he didn’t believe he tore his ACL, and one higher-up was quoted as saying, “Considering he’s powerbombed a 300 pound man on a torn ACL, we think he understands what that might feel like.”

Wade Keller of reported that people close to Rollins were not commenting on the severity of the injury, leading to speculation that it was worse than previously thought. Now, according to company sources, he has a torn MCL and a partially torn meniscus, but it is unclear whether he will require surgery.

It’s unclear how the injury will be addressed on RAW this Monday. In any case, he is seriously injured, and we will learn more in the coming days.