News On Davey Boy Smith Jr.’s Negotiations With Impact Wrestling, MLW’s Involvement

Davey Boy Smith Jr. claimed in a previous interview with WrestlingInc that he was in negotiations to come to Impact Wrestling to work a program with Ken Shamrock. Those negotiations apparently fell through due MLW putting a stop to those talks.

MLW’s Head of Talent Relations Jared St. Laurent denied that the company had anything to do with Smith being unable to work with Impact.

“I want to address some misinformation put out there. I had talks with Impact about Davey Boy possibly crossing over and doing some dates. We had a very positive conversation with Impact. Scott D’Amore and Impact were great to deal with and we were absolutely open to it. We gave Davey several options for how we could make this work as well as help him out financially during the pandemic. Davey opted to do nothing, unfortunately. It could’ve been a win/win for all 3 parties. It’s a shame but that is the full story. On a personal level, I’ve known Davey for almost 2 decades. It’s sad to see him elect to end his tenure with yet another company on such a sour note.“