Photo: Adam Cole Went to Unusual Lengths to Keep His AEW Dynamite Return a Secret

(Photo Credit: AEW)

As previously reported, Adam Cole made his AEW return on Wednesday’s Dynamite, where he cut a promo. This was his first appearance in months, following concussion issues.

Cole began by stating that he had both good and bad news. He explained his recovery and announced his return. The bad news, he said, was for the AEW locker room.

AEW wanted to keep the return a secret, so they went out of their way to keep it that way. According to Fightful Select, a “TBD promo” segment was listed on the internal run sheet after Jon Moxley vs. Hangman Page. Cole’s segment was next.

In addition, to ensure that no fans saw him arrive, Cole hid in the back of a vehicle to get into the arena, where he was sandwiched between the front and back seats on the floor.

He also had his hoodie zipped up to cover his face so no one could see him. Because he wasn’t seen before the show, he was most likely hiding in a room or a bus, as WWE and AEW have done in the past to keep returns hidden.