Prestige Wrestling “A Moment of Violence” Recap And Review (2/25/2024)

On Sunday evening, Prestige Wrestling held its big event, “A Moment of Violence.” The event streamed live on IWTV.

The show saw an absolutely stacked card headlined by a huge main event between Mike Bailey and Mustafa Ali. We also saw Chris Sabin square off with Alan Angels, Sandra Moone meet Jordynne Grace in a huge women’s match, Sonico go one-on-one with Kushida, and so much more. Check out the full recap and review below.

Sonico vs. Kushida 

Winner: Kushida

The first match featured a dream match of sorts between ‘The Ace of Prestige,” Sonico, and “The Time Splitter,” Kushida. Both men received a warm welcome from the Prestige Wrestling faithful. The match began with a feeling-out process of sorts. This was a very mat-based match with a lot of holds for a good portion of it.

Sonico and Kushida complimented each other extremely well. It’s no secret how good Kushida is, he has been in the business for a long time and has the skill to back it up. On the other hand, despite being newer, Sonico more than held his own against Kushida. Ultimately, Kushida forces Sonico to tap out to his lethal armbar after a very hard-fought opening contest.

Jordan Cruz vs. Gregory Sharpe

Winner: Jordan Cruz

The next match of the night sees Jordan Cruz go one-on-one with Gregory Sharpe. I have said it time and time again, Cruz truly has it. The potential Cruz has is unmatched as he is one of the best big men on the indie scene today. He finds himself against another incredible talent tonight in Gregory Sharpe who is as tough as they come. Cruz wastes little time as he lands a massive German suplex on Sharpe before the bell even rings.

When we officially get underway, Sharpe tries his best to fight back, even sending Sharpe packing to the outside. However, a brainbuster on the apron by Cruz quickly ends that. Sharpe fights back and lands a running knee on Cruz to ground the big man. After some more back-and-forth action, Cruz lands a burning harmer on Sharpe to win the match while flipping off the fans. This was a fun match to follow Sonico and Kushida, and Cruz continues to look like an absolute monster.

Prestige Wrestling Tag Team Championship match: Sinner and Saint (Judas Icarus and Travis Williams) (c) vs. West Coast Wrecking Crew (Jorel Nelson and Royce Isaacs)

Winners: AND STILL Prestige Wrestling Tag Team Champions, Sinner and Saint

This match is the first time in over a year that we have seen the West Coast Wrecking Crew in a traditional tag team match at Prestige Wrestling. Royce Isaacs and Jorel Nelson are two of the absolute toughest guys you could imagine. Judas Icarus and Travis Williams make their way out to the ring second and are no strangers to getting booed out of the building at Prestige shows. Sinner and Saint are the champions for a reason, and whether it is morally right or not, they always get the job done to keep those belts.

Icarus and Nelson start the match for their respective teams. Just as it looks like the West Coast Wrecking Crew is in the driver’s seat, a double dropkick on Nelson in the corner changes the momentum of the match. Sinner and Saint use a lot of dirty tactics to remain in control, and it works in their favor. Eventually, Nelson was able to hit Isaacs with the hot tag and we were back to an even playing field. Ultimately, a low blow by Icarus on Isaacs followed by a killing blow leads to Williams pinning Isaacs to retain the Prestige Tag Team Championships. This was an excellent tag team bout and both teams showed up and showed out.

??? vs. Rey Horus

Winner: Black Taurus

This was a match that was supposed to be Mascara Dorada going one-on-one with Rey Horus. However, Dorada was forced to pull out and this led to Black Taurus making his return to Prestige Wrestling to face off with Rey Horus. The fans are largely behind Black Taurus with chants of “TAURUS!” ringing through The Vermont Hollywood venue. When the match begins, Horus attempts to chop at Taurus but it doesn’t have much effect.

After a feeling-out process, both men take their time to regain composure. Horus uses his speed and quickness to take the big man down with a hurricanrana to the outside. However, a shoulder block from Taurus sends Horus flying, injuring his leg in the process. Horus lands a huge inverted hurricanrana and lands a big high-risk move but just gets a two count. Taurus lands an avalanche Taurus driver from the top rope and gets just a two-count of his own. Ultimately, in the end, it was two finishers back-to-back by Taurus that finally put Horus away. This was an incredible match and truly stole the show.

Kevin Blackwood, Alex Shelley, Tiger Mask vs. Los Suavecitos (Ricky Gee, Adrian Quest, and Danny Rose)

Winners: Tiger Mask, Kevin Blackwood, and Prestige Wrestling World Champion, Alex Shelley

Los Suavecitos (Ricky Gee, Adrian Quest, and Danny Rose) make their way down to the ring first and get boos from the Prestige faithful. Next, Kevin Blackwood, Tiger Mask, and the Prestige World Champion Alex Shelley make their way down to the ring. This is a very big match for Los Suavecitos as they are the young guns on the ladder in Prestige. However, being younger doesn’t mean being less talented as they are still very talented. On the other side, you have Kevin Blackwood, Alex Shelley, and Tiger Mask who are arguably three of the best to do it inside of a Prestige Wrestling ring. Blackwood is one of my personal favorites on the indie scene and he’s someone worth checking out for sure, as are all of these guys. Despite his age, Blackwood’s so good in the ring, and he’s just getting started.

Tiger Mask gets a legend’s welcome by the Prestige faithful. Rose and Blackwood start the match for their respective teams. The fans chant “BLACKWOOD!” showing why Blackwood is truly one of the fan favorites today. Blackwood makes light work of Rose, forcing him to tag in Ricky Gee. Blackwood tags in Shelley, and we get a faceoff between Shelley and Gee. Tiger Mask tags in and he gets a faceoff with Adrian Quest. Los Suavecitos are finally able to turn the tides of this match when they land a cheapshot on Blackwood and Tiger Mask and use the numbers game to their advantage against Shelley. Finally, Shelley fights back and lands the hot tag on Blackwood. Ultimately, after more great back-and-forth wrestling, Tiger Mask lands a Tiger Bomb on Rose to win the match for his team. This was a fantastic trios match.

Alan Angels vs. Chris Sabin

Winner: Alan Angels

Coming back from intermission, Alan Angels makes his way down to the ring first to a symphony of boos. Angels is the most hated wrestler Prestige has to offer, and pairing him with Sinner and Saint is a match made in heaven or hell, depending on how you look at it. The former TNA X-Division Champion, Chris Sabin is out to the ring next and he gets cheers from the entire building. The match starts with some chain wrestling between the two men.

After a feeling-out process, Angels is finally able to gain the upper hand on the outside of the ring, sending Sabin face-first into the ring post. Angels had some fun at the expense of Sabin, mocking him at every chance he could get. This drew “A**HOLE!” chants from the crowd. However, Sabin was finally able to fight back into the match and make this an even playing field again. Sinner and Saint made their presence felt, but Sabin was able to fight them both off. Ultimately, a kick to the middle rope as Sabin was entering the ring, followed by an “angel’s wings” puts the match away in Angels’ favor. After the match, Kushida and Alex Shelley make the save for Sabin and a brawl ensues. This was a very fun match to come back to from intermission and I look forward to seeing what’s next.

Sandra Moone vs. Jordynne Grace

Winner: Jordynne Grace

This match marks the return of Sandra Moone to Prestige Wrestling, as well as the debut of the TNA Knockout’s World Champion, Jordynne Grace. Moone makes her way out to the ring first, followed by Grace. Both women received a bunch of cheers from the fans and the stage was now set. The match starts with some chain wrestling between the two women and a feeling-out process. Both Moone and Grace each try to gain the upper hand, to no avail.

However, this changes when Moone charges at Grace in the corner. Grace counters this with a double foot stomp, sending Moone crashing down to the mat. Moone fights back and lands a tope suicida on Grace. After some more fun back-and-forth action, Grace lands her finishing move on Moone and pins her for the three-count. Sandra Moone and Jordynne Grace complimented each other very well in this match. Both Moone and Grace looked incredible, and it was very fun to see Grace in a Prestige ring.

“Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Mustafa Ali

Winner: Mustafa Ali

The main event of “A Moment of Violence” saw a massive dream match, and it didn’t disappoint. “Speedball” Mike Bailey made his way down to the ring to a large applause from the crowd. Bailey has had himself quite the 2024 so far and is just getting better, and better. The current TNA X-Division Champion, Mustafa Ali, makes his way down to the ring next and gets an equal amount of cheers. Ali finds himself on the independent wrestling scene for the first time in quite some time, and he has yet to disappoint. Chants of “HOLY SH*T!” ring throughout the venue before the bell has even rung. The fans are split throughout the entirety of this match.

The match finally begins with Ali and Bailey having a faceoff in the middle of the ring. From there, we get a collar-elbow tie-up. This leads to a feeling-out process between the two men to try and gain the upper hand. Both men then proceed to exchange arm drags before regrouping again. After more back-and-forth offense between the two men, Bailey lands a triangle moonsault on Ali, who’s outside the ring, to put himself in the driver’s seat. As Bailey attempts a hurricanrana from the top rope, Ali drops Bailey face-first onto the top turnbuckle to gain all the control of this matchup. Ali targets the injured arm of Bailey and does a good job of neutralizing the strikes of Bailey by continuing the attack on the arm.

Bailey tries to fight back time and time again, to no avail. Bailey is finally able to fight back into this match with forearms, kicks, and a standing shooting star press and pins Ali for just a two-count. Ali puts a stop to the offense of Bailey with a massive tornado DDT but just gets a two-count on the pinfall. After some more terrific back-and-forth action, ultimately it was a 450-splash from Ali that put Bailey away. This was an amazing main event to cap off an even better event. Prestige Wrestling is where it’s at right now, and they are easily one of the best promotions, if not THE best promotion on the West Coast.